Public Art Initiative Call for Entries: Art Benches, Phase 3

The Woodlands, Texas is an award-winning, master-planned community of more than 100,000 residents with a strong history of public art. The Woodlands Arts Council invites national and international artists to apply for the next installation of The Woodlands Art Bench outdoor permanent collection.

So far, 14 Art Benches have been commissioned and installed along The Woodlands Waterway through a partnership with The Woodlands Township and the generous funding of underwriters in the community. Walk from The Woodlands Mall to Town Green Park and enjoy the beauty and practicality of these one-of-a-kind Art Benches designed by local, national and international artists.

Three finalists will be chosen for each bench in a preliminary selection process and will receive a $300 stipend. One artist from these finalists will be chosen to construct a bench, receiving a stipend of $8,000.

Artists are encouraged to work conceptually with the chosen site and underwriter’s vision. The Woodlands is an aesthetically unique district, with its natural landscapes and waterway backdrop. We challenge the artists to conceptualize work that can highlight their own vision in conjunction with both the underwriter and these unique chosen sites.

Site 1

Underwriter: Alex & Sharon Sutton

Using the combination of The Woodlands’ active lifestyle style with family connection, the artist has the opportunity to express energy with serenity. By using the surrounding area within the Waterway, we would like to showcase the development of this town center in relation to the active family life present here in The Woodlands.


Site 2

Underwriter: Memorial Hermann

With the emphasis on community growth, partnership and leadership, an artist has an opportunity to make a contribution that reflects triumph. This location is a perfect venue to showcase a tangible victory to patrons amongst the active lifestyle here in The Woodlands.


Site 3

Underwriter: Dorman Family

This serene location is perfect for an artist who understands emotional connections to space and place, as if the place itself is a representation of someone who will never be forgotten. By using the surrounding area, the artist has the opportunity to use natural beauty while providing a place to comfortably unwind. With the hope of a double-sided bench, this is a place where patrons can come and have the ability to experience tranquility in their view.


Site 4

Underwriter: Michael & Vicki Richmond

The idea of community is a characteristic that gives the beauty of Lake Woodlands and the central neighborhood gathering space a unique component of our area. By incorporating the aspect of practicality with what nature as to offer, the artist has the chance to bring an extra special artistic component to life in the area. This is where they can display to visitors and residents what makes a place like The Woodlands special.


Site 5

Underwriter: Deborah and Jeff Coburn

With the love and appreciation for The Woodlands, we want to contribute in a way that furthers the city’s beauty in a unique way. Utilizing the surrounding area of Lake Woodlands, where patrons can be shaded by oak trees, in a central urban environment, the artist has an opportunity to create a piece of art that can be utilized by an wide audience.


Site 6

Underwriter: Strike

While representing the vision of The Woodlands, an artist has the opportunity to represent the unity of the surrounding area. Using this area that possesses the quality of life, work and play, we imagine an abstract style within a place that embodies nature and the aspects of life.

The Woodlands Bench Competition Call for Artist application can be found here, and official entry to the contest is handled through after creating a free profile. There is a $25 entry fee for the first design submitted to the contest and a $5 entry fee for up to two additional designs. A coupon code is available in the official rules to discount the second and third and fourth entries.

Download a PDF with complete rulesarrow

DEADLINE: February 28, 2018 at 11:59p.m. MST

For more information, contact: Heather Joy Puskarich, Cultural Arts Director,
The Woodlands Arts Council
PO Box 8184
The Woodlands TX 77387